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Web Id: 2256
Product No. IXTS-160D
Brand: Intercoax
Model No. IXTS-160D
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer


▪ AI Smart Human Body Detection(Only Face and Skin)
▪ Rapid Detection with Alarm
▪ Best Accuracy in the market with ±0.4 ℃
▪ Excellent Dual(Thermal + CMOS) Monitoring System
▪ Smart Multi-Target Detection & Tracking
▪ Real Time High Frequency Image Capture & Storage
▪ Self Accurate Temperature Check Up

 Other fees that will be required for the system:

Hardware Mini Computer System $899.99
50" Samsung Commercial Screen $900.00
Mobile TV Stand $250.00 (optional)

Installation Fee: $300

Guaranteed best product / service in the market.  Hassle free as the camera is built to operate in Canada with limited false alarm meanwhile providing the most accurate performance.  Hence your entrance will turn into a more professional and modern look that will help keep your customer / employee peace of mind entering in to your store / office safely.

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