Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3


Brand: Samsung
Condition: Brand New
Color: Cream, Green, Lavender, Phantom Black
Memory: 128GB
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Samsung’s foldable displays have come a long way since they first came out, and you can see that in the Galaxy Z Fold 3, too. The difference is that the Z Fold 3 is essentially a foldable tablet, while the Z Flip 3 is first and foremost a 5G phone that fits in just about any pocket.

The 6.7″ FHD+ dynamic AMOLED 2X screen looks excellent. It’s bright, with vivid colours and resolution, and the screen looks great whether you have it fully open or half folded.

The form factor of the screen is slightly narrow, compared to most devices, however at 22:9 it’s very cinematic. That ratio is slimmer than most videos, since 16:9 is the most common aspect ratio, but watching YouTube and other videos looks very good. The phone’s 120 Hz refresh rate is a big plus for gamers too, and makes the whole phone experience incredibly smooth.

On the back, the phone also has a 1.9″ Super AMOLED cover display for notifications, that you can use while it’s folded to take photos or videos. There’s more about that below.

The phone features a 3,300 mAh battery, and that was enough for me to get through most of my day, but it will depend on how many photos and videos you take in a day, how many videos you’re watching, and if you’re gaming. Heavy users may find they need to charge more frequently.

For selfies, Samsung has a good 10 MP front camera on the Z Flip 3, while the back of the phone has a 12 MP ultra wide, and a 12 MP wide angle, with optical image stabilization on the wide-angle camera.

There is no telephoto camera on the phone, which would be nice, however both of the wide cameras are very good, and you can get away with a slight digital zoom without noticing much pixilation.

Camera features on the phone also make it an excellent pick for content creators or anyone who shares a lot on social media. For vlogging, as one example, there’s the director’s view mode, and portrait video gives you a way to put the focus on you or your subject, while creatively blurring the background.

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Cream, Green, Lavender, Phantom Black

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