An unexpected surprise

Dear Leo, I received my order of 2 Samsung SGH-840 phones on Jan. 8th (Order# 5752), much sooner than expected, and I am VERY pleased with the order. My wife is ecstatic with her pink model. An unexpected surprise was your inclusion of 2 custom screen protectors. Thank you so much!


Everyone who sees it admires the phone… in restaurants, in the mall, at work… when I tell them what I paid they are amazed and immediately ask where I got it, and I tell them.

I would like to immediately order another blue SGH-840 as a gift for a family member, however, I notice on your site that the price has suddenly gone up from $229.99 to $275. Could you sell me one more “Blue Samsung SGH-840” at the price of $229.99? I would also want to add a SanDisk microSD 2GB card to that at your outstanding price of $35.

Please let me know if and how that could be arranged.

Anyway, I am constantly checking your site now and will be on the lookout for my next phone and accessory purchases.


Eric Brusse