Excellent customer service, easy to communicate with and reliable

had a very positive experience dealing with Markways and especially Phil. When I discovered my phone was suffering from a small network problem, I was told that I could simply return it to them and they would take care of it or replace the phone. There was an unfortunate mix up with Canada Post and my package had been lost in the mail. Phil went far out of his way to take care of some of the dealings with the investigation by Canada Post. He spoke with them on the phone on my behalf and assured me not to worry, that the problem would be taken care of no matter what. He was very reassuring and went beyond expectations in taking on the situation himself. One could never expect that sort of customer service from any other company, at least in my experience. That is why when I received the insurance from CPost, I went right back to Markways to purchase the exact same phone. He hand-delivered it to me and gave me a discount for being a loyal customer.


I would recommend them to anyone looking to stay away from the big companies with pressured sales staff and overpriced products.

Excellent customer service, easy to communicate with, and reliable.

Phil turned a really bad situation into a great experience. Thank you!