I’ll buy it again!

Markways.com is simply the best retailer I’ve ever come across — I had a problem with communication and making a connection to get a product delivered to me… it dragged on and because it was a relatively low priced phone it wasn’t something that I made a big stink about…. anyway, Markways was so apologetic to me upon delivery of the phone that I was overwhelmed by their sincerity and honest desire to make their customers happy.


I would definitely recommend them for anything they sell — the service and guarantee you’ll receive FAR outweigh the few dollars you might save by finding this on ebay or from the ‘guy around the corner’. I’m so happy I trusted fellow RFD’ers ongoing to this retailer — thanks again RFD — and thanks Markways.com for going WAY beyond the call in ensuring your customers are well taken care of. I’ll buy it again!