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Ian, Brockerville - Canada

December 25, 2005
Hi Mark, We have received the camera and were lost for words with what you did. Thank you every so much. May your days be filled with happiness and May God Bless You for your kindness. I have told every one I know about this because I am absolutely amzed there are real people in this world...

Steve Yee - Canada

December 24, 2005
Hi Mark, Received your phone yesterday and it looks great! I particularly liked the way that you gift wrapped it for me. I am writing to you because I am interested in possibly purchasing another phone from you directly. Thanks again, Steve

Liz - Canada

December 22, 2005
Hi Mark, I would like to thank you for your amazing customer service. I just can't get over your kindness and the cute card. Thanks Mark!

Renata - Brazil

December 14, 2005
Hello, Mark, how are you? Yes, I did get de phone yesterday and I´m in love with it!! And I can´t thank you enough for sending it as a gift I really did not think of asking you to do that but wasn´t sure how you would take it... Thank you, you were great! Well, I do intend to...

Gordan - Canada

December 2, 2005
hi mark, u are a gentleman and a scholar, i wish there was more people like u doing business on here i will gladly pay for both items when they arrive and the added postage, just invoice me and i will pay with pay pal. thanks ever so much!

Arshad - Canada

November 21, 2005
Hello Mark, I Am fine with my finest phone everything alright. Thank you Mark. I am always standing behind your reputation. May God bless you & Brighten your future along with your Markways. Warmest Regards, Arshad
491 to 496 of 496