Thank you for the excellent service and professionalism

Hello Philip I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service and professionalism that you had provided regarding my order for a Nokia 6500.


Markways definitely exceeded my expectations. The emphasis on customer satisfaction was second to none. Philip had tried contacting me on many occasions to inform me that the phone that I had ordered was not available. As a very kind and generous offer, he provided me with the Nokia 6700 cell phone at the same price as the older and lower  Nokia 6500 model. This was totally unexpected! In addition, since this cell phone was for a birthday gift, Philip ensured that I would receive it on time which I did. Thank you


The Nokia 6700 is a beautiful cell phone and works great. I have no complaints whatsoever.


I wished all other online sites would follow Markways philosophy on how to treat a customer.


Without any hesitation, I will purchase from Markways again and again.