Truly appreciate your service over the years

Hi Mark,


I hope all is well with you and that life is treating you well. Thank you for the message, that is very thoughtful and kind of you, and I do truly appreciate your service over the years. You don’t have to give me a discount but I truly appreciate it. As for the white iPhones, I should have just waited until the official ones came out as the conversions didn’t have a flash buffer or a functional light sensor to detect when the phone is placed close to the face, so the screen would shut off. The screen also had a blue tint. I ended up selling them at a reduced price on kijiji but it is ok as in the past you have treated me very well and you tried your best to give me the product I ordered.

Your message was a very nice surprise, and I was very happy to hear from you. I am still using iPhone 3GS and I will take a look at what you have in stock. I will use coupons to place an order with you, and I do truly appreciate your generosity.

You are an excellent and honest person and business and once again thank you for everything.

Take care,