Very trust worthy… me he is……

Markways is a very good seller even with taxes its still cheaper than most places and even if its at par with HOWARD FORUMS remember you get warranty and service from him. Brand new with warranty…..who on HOFO provides warranty? Check out the dealers on hofo in Canada and the prices are cheaper than them.

Yes you maybe can get it for the same or less via a private dealer but why do that when you can get it through and established seller with a store/website.

i would only buy from him now due to warranty and he lives close to me so i have easy access if i have any issues. also: Momax Value Pack is cheap. you get so much and quality is amazing not like the cheap CHINA ones.

He is a great guy…the carrying case did not fit properly and he right away met me to exchange it for one that fits better….not many places will do that for you. Also there is no store just via internet or meet up with him but again very trust worthy… me he is……